Company Overview

Company Name: United Medco, Inc.
Revenue growth: Exceeding 54% over the last 3 years.
Specializations: OTC benefit fulfillment, customer service, individualized and integrated delivery systems
AHCA: United Medco is licensed by The Agency for Health Care Administration. License #1314515

United Medco Quality Policy Statement

It is United Medco's policy to improve the managed care market through consistently exceeding member expectations by providing high quality, cost effective and safe pharmaceutical products.

  • United Medco Quality Mission Statement

    It is the purpose and goal of United Medco to provide superior products and services to the Managed Care Marketplace in a responsible manner, never compromising on service or integrity.
    Ultimately, we value our success as a company based on the lives we help to improve. For all of us involved in the managed care supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, pharmacists, physicians and others - it is the members that matters most.

    HQAA Accredited

    Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors Healthcare Quality Association of Accreditation (HQAA) is an accreditation for HME/DME, infusion/home IV compounding, pharmacies, medical practices, third party billing organizations and facility-based ventilator unit providers.
    HQAA accreditation plays a key role in ensuring companies meet the high standards of the industry through quality, efficiency and accessibility. United Medco achieved accreditation as a health care company that is in compliance with HQAA criteria and proudly display the HQAA Certificate.